Catholic Guilt

Catholic Guilt are a high energy international party band, based in Manchester. They first came together (so to speak) for a gig in Nice, France and fancied creating something that differs to your everyday function band.

They followed Nice with a month in the Alps over Christmas, and will be travelling back to the Mediterranean for private and public events, as well as a triumphant return to the Alps planned in 2020.

Fur, eyeliner, and sportswear is their standard uniform, by order of their intoxicating front man. ‘Our Sam’ is a (figuratively) massive furball of energy your mum will love, and your dad will secretly want to be, who can whip up a crowd like you’ve never seen. They can also dress up nicely and will try their best not to swear if that’s what you would like (no one’s wanted it so far).

They usually perform as a four piece (drums, bass, guitar and vocals) however, they ca also gig with a percussionist or trumpeter when there’s room in the car.

They are available for weddings, functions, bar gigs, and parties.

Catholic Guilt