Rat Pack Xperience

The Rat Pack Xperience immerses audiences in the glamour and charm of the Rat Pack era, transporting them to the vibrant Las Vegas of 1964. With an electrifying atmosphere, this dynamic tribute captivates from start to finish.

This sensational show features the remarkable talents of Martin Joseph as Frank Sinatra and Thomas Henry as Sammy Davis Jr., two acclaimed performers celebrated for their uncanny resemblance and authentic renditions. Audiences are treated to an unforgettable journey through the iconic songs and legendary camaraderie of the Rat Pack, making every moment a memorable experience. The spirit of Dean Martin is also invoked as his greatest hits are added to the mix.

Renowned across Europe, Martin Joseph delivers a Frank Sinatra performance like no other, merging polished elegance and impeccable vocals in a vibrant rendition of all his biggest hits. With over 20 years embodying Sinatra, you will enjoy a stellar performance of this top-tier professional, where every note resonates with the timeless allure of the Rat Pack’s classics.