Robbie Williams

For the past decade “Tony as Robbie” has been wowing audiences worldwide with his amazing portrayal of Britain’s greatest entertainer, Robbie Williams!

After making his debut in Trevor Chance’s ‘Legends,’ Tony has gone on to perform across the globe, leaving audiences constantly gagging for more! He turns heads wherever he goes leaving onlookers asking, ‘” Is it or isn’t it?”

In 2005, Tony was lucky enough to meet Robbie in person, chatting about women, music and most importantly football, even gaining his idol’s approval with Robbie saying, “I think it’s great, I’m really flattered! It’s bloody hard work being me!”

In 2008 Tony beat all his ‘Robbie’ competition, landing a spot on BBC ONE’s, ‘The One And Only,’ performing in front of 7 million viewers for 6 successive weeks, eventually bowing out in the final to Dusty Springfield!
The resemblance is so uncanny that Tony has appeared for numerous promotional campaigns and TV shows throughout Europe but, the highlight must be playing Robbie in a series of official short films for the album, ‘Rudebox’.

Tony’s show covers all the greatest hits, with a few special surprises, capturing the true spirit of everything Robbie! Not to mention the looks, the moves, the voice and the ego.

Robbie Williams